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Video filming of weddings in Riga

Unique ideas, creative approach and only high-quality personnel

As Alfred Hitchcock once said: a video gives up on life only because the most boring moments have already been cut out of it. Our video shooting of weddings in Riga is proof of this. In the video presented to your attention, the most interesting moments will be captured: you will remember the event with a smile and pleasure. Video recording of the wedding will be not only the most vivid proof of your love and happiness, but also a convincing evidence of our professionalism and inspiration.

Wedding videography? By all means!

  1. Only a good video can convey all the nuances of a wedding celebration.
  2. A wedding day in curious details, a love story in touching details, the brightest moments in a fantastic video - all this is a video of the wedding.
  3. Only she will allow your children to see how you were before their birth: what a tender and beautiful bride their mother was, and what a fun and attentive bridegroom was.
  4. The video will be a great opportunity to demonstrate the main points of the wedding ceremony to those who could not get on it contrary to desire.
  5. You can’t even imagine how the wedding video will help you brighten up your leisure time, refresh your relationship, remember the most pleasant moments and yourself - young and hopefully happy.

We offer

  1. Individual approach and only original ideas.
  2. A unique video recording scenario taking into account all your wishes.
  3. Different video formats - to choose from and in combination.

Video shooting of weddings in Riga is an exciting and fascinating process. Riga is rightfully considered to be a unique pearl of the Baltic coast, landscape shootings promise so many opportunities for creating interesting videos that the fountain of ideas does not run out.

We offer each couple to choose their own wedding walk route, with visits to the city's attractions, romantic gardens and cozy park areas. And we carry out any whims and whims.

How much does a wedding photo and video cost?

  • Promotion 25% until 03/09/2020 on a wedding photo or wedding video.


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