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Anna and Mikhail's wedding film.

Wedvideo studio is engaged in video filming of weddings, love stories, wedding films and editing on the wedding day!

Individual drafting of a script and selection of a location for filming is an integral part of our work. The director will consult and help plan the day of filming, as well as choose the best locations for filming a wedding movie or Love story.

In wedding video filming, we use 1 or 2 cameras, aerial photography and steadycam system.

Installation on the wedding day is the main advantage of our services. In the evening, during the banquet, we will show you the finished film from the material that was shot during the day!

Wedvideo is your faithful friend in wedding photography!

Freeze frames

  • AMfilm4
  • AMfilm1
  • AMfilm3
  • AMfilm2

How much does a wedding photo and video cost?

  • Promotion 25% until 03/09/2020 on a wedding photo or wedding video.


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