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Māra&Reinis: SDE

Wedvideo provides high quality wedding videography and photography services for any wedding!

Our services include filming and editing on the wedding day, which is an undeniable advantage. Your wedding film will not only provide wonderful entertainment at the celebration, but will also preserve the exciting moments in the form of warm memories.

Our main task is to be invisible observers and capture maximum emotions. Our videographers and wedding photographers skillfully adapt to the atmosphere of the event so that every smile, tear of joy and emotional moment remains forever in your wedding film and photo album.

We have extensive experience in original wedding video editing and post-processing of wedding photographs. Your images and videos will be imbued with creativity and will become a true work of art.

Already dozens of newlyweds across Europe have chosen our wedding video and photography services. Trust the professionals to make your wedding a unique and inimitable event, captured with love and attention to detail.

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How much does a wedding photo and video cost?

  • Promotion 25% until 03/09/2020 on a wedding photo or wedding video.


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